Fresher’s fayre!

To all those we’ve met so far (and we’ve really enjoyed meeting you all so far!) and to those we haven’t, really looking forward to seeing you at the fresher’s fair tomorrow!

Sign up! – It looks (subject to change however) like we’ll be pitched up outside this year. Even if you’re already on the Facebook page etc. do come along and sign up to our mailing list, it helps us as a society and also is another good way of getting information from us about activities, meetings and (more often than not) room changes

Church Searches – We’ll also be able to give you more information on the stall about the ‘church searches’ we’ll be running this Sunday and the next. If you’re interested in trying out a few churches in London before you settle or know exactly where you’d like to go but the thought of walking in on your own kinda terrifies you (I know how it is) then we’d love to help you out!


The CU Team

Freshers Picnic + Lunchbars

Hey all! Hope you’ve all had a fantastic start to Fresher’s week!

Well it looks to be lovely and sunny tomorrow, so we look forward to seeing many of you at our fresher’s picnic :) We’ll be meeting by the statue of Tiru Valluvar (The serene, cross-legged guy out by the gates) at around 1pm. It should be easy to find, but if you’re having trouble you can call Ian on 07523344605 and he’ll direct you.

On a different note, we have rooms for our lunchbars! They’ll both be in room 459 from 1-2pm. So if you happen across someone who could know more about Jesus that is the place to send them!

Also if you haven’t yet then join our Facebook page! It’s our main way of communicating activities and events, we update it far more often than the website.

First CU Meeting!

We’re meeting today for the first time this term,  from 6.30-8pm, in room G51. There will be someone on the main steps wearing a purple CU shirt for anyone who doesn’t know how to get to the room!

see you there!



Are you new to reading the bible? Come and join us for an intro to our ‘uncover’ bible study on the book of Luke. Bibles provided. Meet at SOAS CU stand!


This week is Freshers week, check out our freshers page for info on our events, or visit our bible stall at Russell Square!