What’s On

Main Meetings

We meet together at the main SOAS building every Thursday evening, 6pm – 7.30pm. We’re not always in the same room, but we’ll let you know ahead of time where each meeting will be. We usually head to the bar in the SOAS JCR afterwards to continue chatting.

These meetings are great for getting to know each other, catching up and supporting one other in growing and following Jesus in the SOAS environment. Meetings will involve things like prayer, Bible study and hearing talks and engaging in discussions about the issues we grapple with at SOAS every day.

We hope that all of this will equip us to thrive and make an impact in the SOAS community as followers and proclaimers of Jesus. Our CU community is one that values questioning, doubting and being real about our faith and our lives, so this is a space where anyone is welcome and dialogue is encouraged. We’re also very open to suggestions about how you would like Thursday evening meetings to run, so let us know!

Freshers’ Week 2017

Please see our Freshers’ Week tab for info and updates…


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